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Appointment of National Director of International Student Ministries of New Zealand

The Board of ISMNZ is delighted to announce that Allen Tie has been appointed National Director.

Allen, a Malaysian, has lived in East Asia for the last 18 years. He has extensive managerial experience in multinational and global companies.

Allen graduated from the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, trained at the INSEAD Business School in Singapore, and is working toward being a qualified coach. His current ministry focuses on disciple-making, coaching and providing leadership in local and international Christian organisations in East Asia, with a strong personal teaching and training ministry. He has worked extensively with returnee students.

Allen gave his life to Christ at 15. But it was the four years of help he received from the Christchurch Asian Navigators in the 1980s that helped him develop his personal walk with Christ and provided the deep grounding for his last 30 years of serving God in the market place. He is married to Goh Swee Lee and they have two adult children. Allen is fluent in both written and spoken English and Chinese. He holds a New Zealand permanent residence.

Of his appointment, Allen says "The harvest is not the problem. The call is to pray for the Lord of the harvest to send out labourers. But I cannot pray for God's solution and not willing to be His solution! Being one of the many "return of the exiles" to Asia, I recognised that the work is plenty and the rebuilding of the walls needs foundational leaders - the kind that dares to dream big and think generational, but yet have the security to start small with individuals, and having the discernment to know where to focus and build deep."

Allen's appointment follows a lengthy and rigorous recruitment process, with applications received from around the world. The ISMNZ Board believe Allen is the right person to lead the ministry at this time. We are particularly impressed by his deep faith and reliance on God; his experience in evangelism, helping believers grow in their faith, and mentoring; and his experience leading teams and organisations. We think his leadership style is well-suited to this role. We also think his experience working with other Christian organisations will be helpful for ISMNZ and we are pleased he understands the needs of returning students.

Allen will commence his role in April 2017 for a five-year term.

For any queries please email

On behalf of the Board,

Dr Andrew Butcher

Chairman, ISMNZ

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