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Upcoming Webinars

We're excited to present two webinars in the month of April covering topics that especially Gen Z are highly interested in and wrestle with, making them highly relevant for us as international student ministry workers.

Please feel free to invite anyone who you feel will benefit!

What is our Biblical Theology of sexuality with all its implications?

God made both men and women in his image (Gen 1:27) and both are equally loved by our Lord (Gal 3:28). What what does this mean in this day and age?

Join us for this webinar "Gender and the Bible", with Jack Ho, a Christian father of four, whose oldest child born physically female, who is now living and identifying as a Christian LBGTIQ+, and discover God's character & attributes through the Bible with doctrinal theological statements on God and humans as a basis for discussion.

As climate change continues unabated, and global poverty worsens, where is a theology of creation care and integral mission?

What are the critical facts about climate change and global warming and how as stewards of God to subdue, rule, to work and take care of this earth? What does the Bible have to say more broadly about humanity’s place within nature and our God-given responsibilities to the earth?

Join ISMNZ's webinar, "Holistic Mission (Creation Care)" with Jonathan Peacey who is currently Te Manahautū/ Country Director of the Aotearoa NZ Programme of The Nature Conservancy, one of the world’s largest conservation organisations.


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