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Upper North Island's Rotorua Road Trip (10-11 July 2021)

Two sunny days … 550 kms of beautiful Waikato - Bay of Plenty scenery … an overnight stay in Rotorua … only one visit to the hospital … delicious green curry and spicy chicken dinner … huge English breakfast … new friendships … new stories … what’s not to like?

What did I enjoy most?

"I have never been on a road trip before. I liked it very much. I saw the Blue Springs at Putaruru, small birds and huge, straight Redwood trees, visited the cold Blue Lake, the warm pools, and had interesting discussions about dreams and my culture back home."

"Making friends. This was my first time with this group of people and they were very easy to get along with. I liked the discussions. People were friendly and easy to talk with. It was fun."

What was the purpose of the trip?

  • To connect with each other

  • To have fun

  • To grow in knowing God

  • Or getting to know Him

"It was a great team effort - logistics, programme, games, cooking, driving, and cleaning up. I was very happy with the trip," says ISMNZ National Director, Allen Tie


Sharing dreams and discussing what they might mean, whether God might be speaking to us through them like He did with Jacob who had a dream about a ladder reaching from earth to heaven. Over breakfast we thought about whether God has spoken to us and what He has said. If not, what we would like Him to say to us.

On Sunday we looked to the forest and the sky to see what things God has already said about Himself. We also remembered that God has spoken through the death and resurrection of Jesus to say, "I love you. I forgive you. I want a relationship with each one of you".

Where to from here?

Can't wait for the next adventure but in the meantime, we have regular discussion groups in Auckland and Hamilton if you want to discover more about God and having a relationship with Him.

If you are interested, contact us.

Graeme Sterne

International Student Ministry Facilitator

Auckland Campuses

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