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What We Do

ISMNZ is committed to the welfare and pastoral care of international students who have come to Aotearoa New Zealand. We follow the Māori health model of Te Whare Tapa Whā, the four pillars in caring for the hauora (entire well-being and health) of individuals: Taha tinana (physical health), Taha wairua (spiritual health), Taha whānau (family health), and Taha hinengaro (mental health).

Most of the international students we care for come to New Zealand to complete their tertiary education, in Private Tertiary Institutes, Polytechs or Universities. For many of them, New Zealand is the first foreign country that they have step foot in. They leave their family and friends on their own, without knowing anyone in New Zealand, oftentimes without having a full picture of the country.

Our ISMNZ staff workers and volunteers come from diverse nationalities and cultures, and provide that home away from home for students during this critical period of their lives. This crucial as most come from cultures with a strong emphasis on family and community life.

What is International Student Ministries of New Zealand?

What is International Student Ministries of New Zealand?

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Physical Health

Taha Tinana

We care for students by providing them warm meals, either on campus or at home, potluck meals, hosting international cooking classes, and  hiking and camping trips.


Through this we facilitate the sharing of different cultures as well as physical provisions.

Family or Social Health

Taha Whānau

Our staff workers and volunteers come from diverse cultures and are able to provide culture specific support and a community students can find their sense of belonging in.

Spiritual Health

Taha Wairua

Many of our volunteers are chaplains who can provide counsel, advice and mentoring.

We present Biblical perspectives to students in a non-threatening way, which staff workers and volunteers model through their lives. At the same time we remind them to value the homeland they came from.

Mental Health

Taha Hinengaro

We support students in their post graduation transition, CV editing, and proofreading thesis papers.

We treat students with respect and compassion, and see each one as an individual with dignity and self-worth.