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ISMNZ Privacy Statement

We are committed to protecting your privacy.  We collect personal information only as required to carry out our operations, functions and activities as a charity entity. These include:

  • Providing pastoral care, spiritual support and mentoring services to international students and their families in New Zealand

  • Administration, employment and management activities

  • Communications, promotion, and fundraising activities

  • Providing a safe and healthy environment

  • Engagement with donors, staff, contractors, volunteers, students/graduates, and other connections

  • Legal, regulatory and contractual obligations


In most cases, personal information is collected directly from you unless it is impractical for us to do so. Personal information is provided to us through our marketing, employment, and donation processes, as well as at event and conference operations. Some information is automatically collected through your use of our website and completion of our online forms. The information we collect enables us to interact with you more effectively, and assists us in providing and improving our services to you.

If you are a staff member or contractor, we collect personal information such as your name, contact details, education record, previous employment history, bank account and/or tax information, information (where relevant) on your entitlement to work for us in NZ, reference information.


If you are a volunteer, we collect personal information such as your name, contact details, languages you speak, occupation/ course of study, reference information.

If you are a donor or potential donor, we collect personal information such as your name, contact details and donation details (where relevant).

If you are a student or graduate, we collect personal information such as your name, contact details, course of study/ field of work (where applicable) as you register or apply to our events or connections.


We take reasonable steps to ensure that the information is accurate and protected from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure. We may occasionally share your information with third parties to support our operations and meet our compliance obligations. Examples include external service providers such as professional advisors, audit service providers and governance authorities. We endeavour to ensure that only authorised personnel have access to your information. Transfer of data will only happen where deemed necessary, and will be done securely. We will not rent, exchange or sell mailing lists of our supporters to any parties or organisations.


Your personal information will not be kept longer than it is required for the purposes and legitimate interests outlined above, and the need to comply with our contractual and legal obligations.


You may request a copy of the personal information we hold about you. If you think any of your personal information is incorrect and needs to be updated, please contact us here.

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