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Coming to New Zealand

You're excited about the possibilities that a new country brings - education, friends, working toward a career…

Yet it can be a challenge as you prepare to go. You'll need to think about things like what you would like to study, where you want to live and what school you want to attend. There maybe issues surrounding your visa, taking the IELTS exam, or even thinking about what to bring.

ISMNZ wants to help you with this exciting challenge. We've included information and links to valuable websites in order to help you make the contacts you need to make the transition from home to New Zealand.

If you are a university (tertiary) level student, most tertiary and tech school websites have great information about campus life and the local community. City Councils also have good information, so you can look up the city you plan to study in and get details there.

ISMNZ can also help make the transition easier. Have a look through our Helping Students menu on the top of this page and get acquainted with Aotearoa, New Zealand.

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