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Equipping the Church to serve


Can you imagine the impact you can make by helping one international student become a lifelong follower of Jesus?

Can you imagine the impact of that one international student as they grow in Christ and become established and equipped to disciple many others whilst in New Zealand?

Can you imagine the impact of those disciples of Jesus going into the nations, returning to their home countries as carriers of the Gospel of Jesus to their own people, thereby reaching their families, communities and nations for Christ?

Opportunities Available

There are over 100,000 international students from dozens of nations around the world studying in New Zealand every year. Imagine if you were one of their parents and have sent your child to a foreign country to study. Your hopes rest on whether that student succeeds in their academic studies. But you also worry that your child will be safe, have good people in their lives and get through all the years of the programme.

International students are not the only ones who need 'New Zealand' aunties and uncles and mums and dads caring for them while they are in New Zealand. The parents of these students need the kindness of people who will love, care and help their kids in a far away land. 

Your church can provide those caring people, and ISMNZ wants to help you to develop and international student ministry as a part of your church's missions outreach. There are many ways to serve the nations at your doorsteps, and often these students become vibrant and serving members of local church families. 

Imagine the impact that you and your church can make in becoming a family away from home for students.

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