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International Graduate Network

As part of the International Student Ministries of New Zealand, we're establishing the International Graduate Network with an aim to assist you with the post-academic transition to the working environment, and to support you in continuing to thrive in New Zealand and beyond through mutual support and encouragement.


There are also different ways in which you could be involved:

  • Mentor younger students and graduates

  • Become an ISM campus volunteer

  • Provide financial support towards ISM events, resources or ministries

  • Be part of a team organising an international graduates conference

  • Invite other graduates to join the network

  • Foster overseas connections with other graduates


If you're interested in becoming part of this International Graduate Network, please fill in and submit the form below.

Below are some benefits if you join the network of international graduates:

  • Become a part of a vibrant international graduate community

  • Form helpful connections for when you are seeking a job or moving to a new city

  • Hear about events, webinars or conferences relevant to international graduates

  • Access resources and personal support from ISMNZ staff and volunteers as you continue into careers, integrate into New Zealand society or maybe start a family

  • Invest back into the next generation of international students, giving them the same support that you experienced with ISMNZ when you were a student

  • Find useful connections for if you do return to your home country, or work elsewhere in the world


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