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ISMNZ's kick-off 20th anniversary celebration in 2019

Capital Funds


Donations to the general operational funds are often used up within a year, donating to the capital funds are a way of earmarking them to be set aside for ISMNZ to invest into growth funds. Giving a donation or bequeath to the Capital Fund is a way of leaving a legacy that goes on giving towards building God's Kingdom, maybe even until the end of time.

What are ISMNZ Capital Funds?

What are ISMNZ Capital Funds?

ISMNZ's Ministry Model

In traditional missions models, missionaries are trained in the language and cross-cultural social skills, before they are sent from their home countries to the nations, which typically takes time and investment. 

However, because of international education, the nations of the world have come to New Zealand’s doorstep. In 2018, Students from 177 countries or territories came to New Zealand (Beehive, 2019). Of these students, many of them come from closed countries that are unreachable by traditional missions efforts.

ISMNZ’s aims to reach international students in New Zealand for Christ, giving them the opportunity to know the person of Christ, helping them to be a life-long follower of Jesus Christ, and equipping them to reach their communities and nations for Him for the rest of their lives. While they remain here, we build relationships with them and show them the reality of Christ’s love through our lives.


After graduation, some international students stay on to find work in NZ, others return home and still others move to another country. However studies show that approximately 80-85% return home within 2 years of their graduation. Furthermore, 10% of long-stay international students leave New Zealand as Christians.
Past patterns indicate that of these, 5% of international students returning as Christians become Christian Ministry Leaders within 5 – 10 years.
These returning international students who go into ministry leadership are similar to the  New Zealand church sending missionaries overseas for life-long service, with an advantage. These international student returnees know the language, are familiar with their culture, have existing relationships with friends and family, and have no visa issues as citizens, making this a very cost efficient way to provide workers among the nations.
Even for Alumni who choose to stay, they too can reach their community in New Zealand, which they have more access to, as someone who is already part of that culture.

Investment in ISMNZ is very cost effective in terms of eternal return for God’s Kingdom.
Returns from the Capital Fund will financially support this cost-effective work
till Jesus Christ returns again

What is it?


Often normal donations are spent within the year they are given. For capital funds, the money is invested in NZ selected growth funds, and only the income (not capital) from that will be used to fund expenses, such as operational needs and growth.

ISMNZ has appointed a Capital Fund Finance Committee who will oversee the investment of the capital funds and ensure that the funds are invested wisely.

How ISMNZ's capital funds investments work


The ministry gets a regular return from the capital fund, but the principle remains intact, so that the gift returns a sustainable flow of funds to the ministry. This is similar to buying shares or a term deposit where a dividend or interest is paid out at the same time retaining the original capital amount.
Giving a donation or bequeath to the Capital Fund is a way of leaving a legacy that goes on giving towards building God's Kingdom, maybe even until the end of time. It will provide a sustainable funding stream to ensure funding is available for new initiatives, projects and to help give staff starting off some traction in terms of initial support whilst support raising.
Our vision is to have a critical mass of fully funded staff workers in each institute and university city in New Zealand including 5 operational and supporting roles.


To donate to the Capital Fund, go to the donate page, then under the heading "Use this donation for" choose "National Funds" then "Capital funds" from the dropdown menu.

Would you like to partner with us to make an eternal impact

on the lives of international students in New Zealand?

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