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Studying in New Zealand

It is often hard to know where to begin. New Zealand is a small nation, with a population of approximately 5 million people. That makes the process of considering study in New Zealand much simpler. We don’t have ‘state’ governments or differing systems. Therefore you can find out about every course of study, every educational possibility, with much less effort.

Another excellent reason to study in New Zealand is ‘The Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students (the Code)’. The Code provides a framework for education providers to ensure a high standard of care and well-being is maintained for international students while they live and study in New Zealand.

As a result of The Code, campuses integrate with New Zealanders and migrants who have a heart to care for international students. It protects the student, but also enhances the process of integration into the local communities, culture and family life.

The main ingredients when considering study are:

  • What level do I want to study (elementary, secondary, or tertiary/university)?

  • What programme do I want to study?

  • Which campuses offer that course of study?

  • Which city would I like to live in?

  • What is the English language requirement?

  • Where can I improve my English?


​Here are some excellent links to help you find answers:

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