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Fund Codes

Reference: (Enter the name/code of ministry worker or specific fund you’re supporting to ensure that your gift will be booked accordingly.
Note: When giving more than one person or ministry fund in a donation, please specify the name and amount of each gift (e.g. Name xx - $50, Name xxx - $100) on the 'Reference' field.

Regional Ministry Funds


AKL-M - Auckland Ministries
HLZ-M - Hamilton Ministry
WLG-M - Wellington Ministry
Interns-M - Interns Training Palmerston North
IFPN-M - Int’l Fellowship Palmerston North

Massey-M - Massey Palmerston North
IPU-M - IPU Palmerston North
UCOL-M - UCOL Palmerston North
CHC-M - Christchurch Ministry
NSN-M - Nelson Ministry

National Funds

Capital-F - Capital Funds

ISMNZ - General Funds/Where Most Needed

ISS-F - International Student Support Funds

National-F - National Support Funds

Individual Worker Ministries


Doi - Akira Doi
Tie - Allen Tie (National Director)
Poulton - Ben Poulton
Rambo - Carrie Rambo-Toehemotu
McFarlane - Graham & Karlene Mcfarlane
Fung - Isaac & Cecily Fung

Yuan - Janine Yuan (Resource & Comm Manager)
Thorpe - Jonathan Thorpe

Chen - John Chen
Lee - May Lee
Gingrich - Mitch Gingrich
Stock - Paul & Dianne Stock
Naulivou - Sione & Janice Naulivou
McGrath - Terry & Jenny McGrath
Tang - Xiaoou Tang

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