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2019 ISMNZ's 20th Anniversary kick-off Celebration in Wellington

Thank you for your donation

We are grateful for your financial support to the International Student Ministries of New Zealand. We will send you an annual tax receipt in April.

Please follow the instructions below to complete your donation:

donation methods
Donate Online via Internet Banking

Payee: ISMNZ

Bank details: Bank of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand
Account: 02-1231-0025429-000
SWIFT BIC code: BKNZNZ22 (for overseas gifts, except USA)
BKNZNZ22XXX (if an 11 digit code is required)

Reference: (Enter the name/code of ministry worker or specific fund you're supporting to ensure that your gift will be booked accordingly.

Note: When giving more than one person or ministry fund in a donation, please specify the name and amount of each gift (e.g. Name xx - $50, Name xxx - $100) on the 'Reference' field.

Donate Online via PayPal (Transaction Fees Incurred)

Note: Internet banking is our preferred method of payment as no additional fees will apply. A transaction fee will be charged by Paypal for each payment, and it may take a few days for the amount to be transferred to our bank account. Your donation amount presented on your annual receipt will be based on the date of gift received at our bank account.

Donate by Cheque

As the banks in New Zealand are no longer accepting cheques, please donate online instead (see instructions above).

Please do not send cash through the mail.

For any questions about donations, please email us at

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