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A Letter from our Graduate

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

Dear ISMNZ staff:

I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to the volunteers and staff who have helped me from my first year which is 2016 in NZ. It was you, such a warm group of people, helped me enjoyed the real NZ life and accelerated the journey to fit in a different society from my home country. More importantly, it was your kindness and wisdom that attracted me, and gave the opportunity and privilege to hear God’s Word and became a believer. This completely switched my life, and helped me to understand the love and almighty from our Father in heaven.

Through this journey over 3 years, I cannot give enough thanks to all the Wellington ISMNZ team (Jocelyn’s family, Kam’s family, Edwin’s family, Peacey family, YY etc) and so many great friends which it is not possible to point each of you. I really appreciate your time and efforts. Because of your company and instruction, I had such an enriched and joyful time in NZ. All these experiences made me a better person and a humbler child of God. Now I have a deeper understanding of this world, and become a better citizen in my home country Also, I am still and will continue to be a humble disciple and put my time and effort in worshiping our God.

Hope your voice and effort could continue to influence more international students and lead them to the direction which our Lord wants them to be.

Best regard to all you staff,

God’s blessing



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