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Auckland Update

Updated: Jan 10, 2022

Looking back over the last few months with the lockdown in Auckland, there has been a great need for prayer for the students for both their physical and mental health. But we came through it together although there were fewer people joining the group to meet online. Our weekly regular online meetings were deeply appreciated. There are about 10 of us connected through English Corner and we read the Bible and news articles weekly. These set times gave us opportunities to share about our daily lives and prayer requests. Also, I had an opportunity to deliver a donated countdown gift card from Valley Road Church to help some of the students, and it was a huge encouragement. Through all of these, we were able to grow deeper in our relationships with the students in Auckland central during this difficult season.

I'm hoping to meet them in bigger gatherings such as camps next year as we have done in the previous years and to continue to build up our small groups in a setting both online and offline to grow spiritually and to reach out to more international students in Auckland central.

Please pray that the Christians involved with English Corner this year will take more leadership and the non-Christian students will grow in knowing Christ as we continue to walk with them.

May Lee

Auckland Central Ministry Worker

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