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Biography of Wangano by Dianne Ross

One of our faithful volunteers, Dianne Ross has completed a biography of Wangano, which is an account of the arrival of the gospel among the Yuna people in Papua New Guinea. The story shows the amazing grace of God in the life of a man called Wangano.

The book is now ready to go to print with Christian Books Melanesia Inc, and they are giving people outside PNG the opportunity to order copies in advance.

If you would like to buy a copy please email as soon as possible in order to finalise the quantity required with the printer.

The cost of the book will be $25.00 NZD plus postage.

Delivery expected late May.

Profits will go towards subsidising the book sales in PNG and to the Yuna people especially.

Back Cover:


This is the story of how the good news came to the Yuna People in the Hela province, Papua New Guinea.

Wangano was a young man who grew up in the animistic culture of his people. As one of the first local policemen he was known and feared by his people and respected by the Australian patrol officers.

The day came when Wangano realised that Satan had tricked his ancestors and he with his family trusted the Lord Jesus. The church was planted in Kelabo. Lives were changed. Wangano became a man loved and respected by his people. They saw in him integrity and the lovely character of a man who loved Jesus.

This story will be enjoyed by students of mission and all who want to know what God is doing among unreached people. It will be appreciated by the Yuna people because it is their story.

Dianne, the author, worked among the Yuna people as a nurse. She saw Wangano as one of God's special men. She has written a very readable account and a wonderful true story, enhanced by pictures of the period.


This book was written with International students in mind, and will be of particular interest to the Yuna and Hela people, and to all those who had older family members working as missionaries in Papua New Guinea. The story starts before the time the Australian administration arrived in the Tumbudu Valley and captures the principal events which resulted in the planting of churches among the Yuna people. Most of the missionary people who were part of the story have been mentioned.

Download PDF • 5.62MB

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