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Life with a Purpose - free download

It's easy for the COVID-19 pandemic, and resulting self-isolation and lockdown to cause great uncertainty, anxiety, confusion and loneliness. Don Ross, our ISMNZ volunteer, has graciously made this resource public with the aim that it will bring you some encouragement and hope during this time.

From the back cover: Over the last 40 years (the author) Donald Ross has been involved with people from a multitude of ethnic backgrounds and cultures. Some have been very rich, some very poor. Others have been migrants, refugees and high government officials from many nations. In this wide variety of people Donald has constantly met those who have been searching for purpose and meaning to life. Some were atheist, some religious and others with various philosophies about life. Donald has seen these people's lives transformed when they found real purpose and meaning to life. Many have returned to their homes with new joy in their hearts

Download PDF • 2.13MB

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