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Getting the NZ Vaccine Pass as an International Student

The NZ government has announced that New Zealand will be moving to the new traffic lights system from 3 Dec (Friday).

This system gives people more freedoms, but only for those who are fully (x2) vaccinated and have a Vaccine Pass.

If you are an immigrant (not born in or a citizen of either NZ or Australia) who has an NZ driver licence, you can use it to confirm your identity and sign up for My Covid Record.

If not, don't worry! There are other methods to access your My Covid Record.

Method 1 - Call the My Covid Record Helpline 0800 222 478

Have your full name, email address and mobile number ready.

It would also help if you know your NHI number. The NHI number is used by authorised health workers to help identify you.

You will have an NHI number if you have been vaccinated, and you can find your it on your prescription or prescription receipt, a hospital letter, or you can request it from your GP.

Please be prepared as there may be very long wait times.

Method 2 - Apply using a verified RealMe account

Although the website states that you need to have a NZ Passport, NZ citizenship certificate, NZ birth certificate or NZ immigration certificate, you can select "none of these".

However you will need to visit a participating photo store to take your photo in order to verify your identity.

Method 3 - Print a My Vaccine Pass at a pharmacy

Lastly, you may be able to visit a pharmacy that is providing COVID-19 vaccinations to print a My Vaccine Pass for free. If you can find it, have your NHI number ready.

To read about method 1 and 2 in more detail, you can read the guide that New Zealand International Students’ Association and Product Aotearoa have created (see the pdf attached).

International Students' Guide on How to Get the NZ Vaccine Pass
Download PDF • 1.63MB

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