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Regional Camp Report: Upper North Island

All up 38 people made it on the day (6 July) to Massey University in Albany, Auckland. We had three sessions: “Who is Jesus?”, “Knowing Jesus” and “Following Jesus”, which were led by two of our own Board Members (Andrew Butcher, Andrew Lim) and our National Director (Allen Tie). Each session had a few questions for us to split into groups and discuss. There was also the opportunity to summarise the three sessions, and for participants to reflect on what they will do with what they have just learned.

Ours was a single day 'camp' and was made up of people from three different locations, Auckland, Tauranga and Hamilton. It was good to see people from the different locations interact more as the day progressed. People also stepped in and helped with serving in different ways wherever it was needed. We were blessed with plenty of baked goods for the morning & afternoon tea. There was Sushi for lunch and Carrie and Tim spoiled us with plenty of choices and a superb healthy dinner! Akira also prepared some fun games which we enjoyed. Then a walk through the campus to the Chicken Wing and Domino's gave us a nice exercise before dinner. One of the testimonies shared in the 3rd session reminded us that God can bring people to know Him through different people. God used foreigners teaching overseas to share the Gospel. The dear sister shared, she went from being uninterested to ultimately giving her life to the Lord. Through people from NZ and the USA - God changed her heart. She ended up going back home and sharing the same with students on campus. This is the same opportunity God calls us to in ISMNZ! Sione Naulivou

(Team Leader, Hamilton)

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